Ancient's values and social responsibility


Development of opportunities

Deriving for the welfare of the youthful talent and with the belief of the growth capacity of every human being , we are implementing a recruiting process, focusing on youthful talent that will enable then to have a profesional development in various sectors of business. In that way it cultivates the possibility to create synergies with enreprenuers of small o medium sized businesses local or world wide.


No discrimination in the workplace

There's is complete restriction for all acts of discrimination for whichever motive whether of gender, race, derivation, social status, nationality, religious beliefs or political party of choice. For which we cultivate an inclusive company culture that is espectful of the diversity and expression of ideas and do no tolerate this kind of violence in any of it's forms.


No harassment

It's strictly prohibited whichever act of harassment in any of it's forms whether it being sexual , work , o in any way. Respect for others is a fundamental core values that will never be exempted en any form. In case of a situacion happening of the mentioned above severe consequences will be put in place.


Improving our social atmosphere

We consider that our organization should generate positive impacts in society, implementing technologies that benefit in a democratic form and go hand in hand with the quality of life of each person in out environment. Considering to help people in conditions such and illnesses , the regeneration of natural habitats , the rescuing and protection of abandoned animals, should have the consideration on the effects our actions may generate to us and others.

This policies are applicable to our collaborators, partners, clients and whichever physical or moral union that has a connection or relation with Ancient.