Society 5.0 is a term that refers to a new society in which technological development focuses on the human being and on the search for truly valuable solutions for the lives of people around the world.

Society 5.0 uses the technologies created by Industry 4.0 to act in favor of people (Big Data, autonomous robots, simulation, Internet of Things, 3D printing, etc.). There is talk of the convergence of all innovations to give human beings a better quality of life.

Society 5.0 and Industry 4.0

It is already possible to appropriate techno-scientific innovations and humanize them for the common good and not only to satisfy specific industrial, economic or business demands. In the context of Society 5.0, therefore, this means developing technologies to really improve the quality of life of human beings.

Objectives of the Society 5.0

  • Reduce social inequalities with education programs, sanitation and other resources.

  • Speed up medical care and increase the precision of treatments and surgeries through telemedicine or robotic medicine.

  • Increase food production and reduce waste, because the aging of the population increases the demand for food.

  • Improve public security, with greater surveillance, data analysis and control.

  • Solve the problems caused by natural disasters, increase predictability and promote sustainability.

  • Promote the participation of society in the construction of ideas and projects and not only of scientists, businessmen and experts.

An example would be a Smart City, where you can find:

  • Basic sanitation

  • Smart water supply networks

  • Optimized power plants

  • Robotic traffic systems on city streets

  • Vital signs linked to hospital systems remotely

  • Identify crimes faster, among many other applications.

Challenges of Society 5.0

It is essential that government leaders get involved, both to obtain financing resources and for the application and integration of new technologies in public management, as well as the creation of new legislation for a safe transition to the era of society Super smart.

In order for the new Society 5.0 to be gradually deployed, it is necessary to start the modernization of existing companies.