Today, changes in the construction industry are happening so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up. Innovative technology platforms have revolutionized carrier activities. That is why in this blog we will present you the best technological tool to take control of your transport company and keep up to date with the innovative technological platforms. 

Just like people, companies also need to keep up with the world of technology. If you are not innovative enough in your industry, you could become obsolete and become a museum object. 

Taking control of your transport company will never be an easy task, but there are technologies that will make your life easier when managing your company, that's why in today's blog we present Trucker, the most complete mobile application for transporters developed by us here at Ancient Tech.

Trucker is an application developed to evolve the slow process of writing, accounting and generating thousands papernotes by transferring everything to the convenience of any cell phone. With this you can avoid money losses, material waste and detect irregular notes from unions, suppliers and third parties through intelligent reconciliations within the application, you can also regulate the progress of volumetry by material in any work. 

Have more control with our smart notifications which will notify you in real time of the increase in an average trip, exceeded trips, note printing alerts, delivery time, volumetry and more. 

With Trucker you get the following benefits:

  • Create notes offline

  • Smart notes 

  • Track carry with QR 

  • Infinite works

  • Track history

Get to learn more about how it works in this video we made:

Watch video

Without a doubt, this application is your best option to control any type of hauling on construction sites. 

If you are interested in scaling your transport company, contact us, we can give you personalized advice to explain the complete operation of this effective application and clarify all your doubts. 

Visit our contact page and an expert advisor will be contacting you shortly to provide you with all the information you need. 

The carrier world is moving fast. Do not be left behind and implement the most innovative technologies in the field.