There will always be the great dilemma of choosing between a standard software or developing a custom one through an external company, both options have their advantages. 

Custom software adapts to the management processes that a company already has in place, focusing on specific objectives. Developing a custom tailored software fully meets the exact requirements of a given business, unlike standard software that typically creates generic products that meet the general needs of businesses with similar goals. Developing custom software has many advantages, some of them are the following:

  • Reduction of expenses: 

Although the initial price of custom development, especially for big companies, could be higher, the truth is that in the long run, the price of commercial operations falls significantly, leading to savings that in the end translate into benefits. Most of the custom software has the function of efficiently solving and simplifying specific problems and systematization helps to minimize expenses in organizations.

  • Time saving:

These programs do processes that could have lasted weeks or months manually, in just seconds or minutes. By solving problems in a more immediate and efficient way, businesses can increase their production and optimize profits.

  • Ease of maintenance 

The software that is developed to measure complying with the programming standards, becomes quite simple to maintain and update. Well-written and documented code should be easy to change or maintain.

Your business depends on having the best technology to run smoothly. If you are looking for an even greater competitive advantage, having custom software can help your business grow. However, it is not always easy to know if your company is ready to have its own custom software.

What is the difference between standard and custom software? 

The custom software we develop at Ancient  Group is fully custom built, transforming your day-to-day operations into targeted applications. Custom software not only improves your business efficiency, it can also improve your business brand and sales.

On the other hand, standard software can serve various organizations in parallel and does not fully accommodate the specific needs and / or functionalities that each organization requires. Among the main advantages of the standard software, we emphasize:

  • Low-priced: since it is something that is only done once and works for many people, it is generic, standard and much cheaper than custom made.
  • Extra Functionalities: It is quite possible that it comes with functions that you do not really need or even that it is missing functions that your organization needs.
  • Zero development time: standard software is already in commercialization and ready to be used, so you only have to buy it, it is not necessary to invest time in its development.

It should be clarified that this does not mean that the standard software that is already developed and acquired are bad, but quite the opposite, many of the softwares already designed specifically for businesses are really good, stable and secure. But if your business has very specific operational activities, and you would like to be able to manage them all through a system that facilitates this entire process, without a doubt the best option is to have your own custom-designed software. 

In other words, custom software development services can be your answer to all your operational problems.

But, there are certain things to keep in mind when planning custom software development for your company. You must first identify your specific needs. What do you intend to achieve with the application? Is your application designed to address only one particular problem or to manage multiple processes? Are you currently using other software? If yes, what can't that software do and what would you like it to do? Do you already have well defined how each of your processes works within your business or company? Here are some sample questions you need to know to better understand all the needs you have to cover. 

Once you have understood your specific needs and have recognized an appropriate need for your web application or software to be developed, the next step is to identify the appropriate software solutions company for your specific needs.

Here at Ancient Technology Group we would love to hear more about your project and chat about what we can do together. 

You better than anyone know your company and know what you need to boost its growth, we will help you by developing solutions that fit your needs and optimize the strategic areas of your company. 

We are interested in hearing more about your project.