The metaverse is a shared collective virtual space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. By creating a new world, it has been predicted that Facebook could become an even bigger player in the near future. 


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at an Oculus developer conference in 2016. Glenn Chapmann / AFP via Getty Images


  • Zuckerberg said in an interview with The Verge that eventually Facebook will become a "Metaverse Company." 
  • The future of Facebook is in the virtual world of the Metaverse


17 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg brought Facebook to market. Today he tries to reinvent the future and is committed to the metaverse, a totally immersive new world that exists online. 

This is a preview of the future. What exactly will we see? It is not clear, but this new world will be different: it will be built for people to live and work, plus it will be able to play in the form of virtual reality.

| You can find an article by Matthew Ball where t describes in detail what the Metaverse is.

It all started 8 years ago when Facebook acquired the company Oculus in 2014 for 2 billion dollars.  This acquisition demonstrated the potential Facebook saw in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Most people can relate virtual reality only to video games, however, there are thousands of uses it can give in the corporate area of ​​your company.

| Photo of Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook Workroom from The Verge 

| See Mark Zuckerberg in a live workroom here 

One of the main solutions Facebook is working on with the Metaverse is to make virtual work life much more real and human. Currently working on an alternative to video calls. Workrooms are meeting rooms where you can see and interact with your co-workers both by voice and motion.

This would also make it possible for collaborators to be anywhere in the world and join the same meeting, see the same people and interact with them in a more human way. In addition, with this technology, the opportunity is presented for companies to hire talented people from another continent and have more real interactions that can translate into better results with remote jobs. 

The metaverse is something completely disruptive, even Zuckerberg told his employees that they will focus on building and developing the successor of the Internet referring to the Metaverse.

Virtual reality and augmented reality technology is here and it should be a priority to implement it in your business if you are looking to innovate. There has never been a better time to do it, in 2019 the market size of these technologies was 3.10 billion dollars, which has maintained constant growth and is expected to reach 57.55 billion dollars by 2027.  

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